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Responsible Water Sourcing for the mining industry

In mining, water is used within a broad range of activities including mineral processing, dust suppression, slurry transport, equipment cleaning and employee requirements. Over the last several decades, the industry has made much progress in developing approaches that maximize water conservation. However at the same time, operations are often located in areas where there are significant competing municipal, agricultural and industrial demands.

The mining industry’s use of and impacts on water can result in a range of environmental, social and economic risks. In some cases, perceptions of high water use are sufficient to cause very real tensions and even conflict. Communities close to mine sites may be concerned about availability of water, security of their access to it and, the potential for water contamination.

The mining sector is increasingly required to demonstrate a leadership approach to water use and management. As water plays an essential role in most mining and extractive processes, responsible water use is a critical business issue that affects the ability of individual mines to establish, operate and close.


• We guarantee to find water or you don’t pay a dollar (5 L/s minimum)
• Water supply is guaranteed for the life of the bore
• Water can be sourced closest to actual points of use
• Depth, yield and quality is determined prior to drilling
• Water source has a permanent recharge from underground
• Bores can be pumped 24/7/365 without impact to catchment hydrology or groundwater table
• Water diversity: Water system recharge is independent of rainfall
• Cost effective, easy to implement and highly scalable
• Water quality shall conform to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 6 2011 whether untreated or treated

The Premium Water Bore Service provides every Mining company with fast, easy and scalable access to potable water supplies from a non-competing source. Water sourcing for the Mining Industry has never been more; easier, safer and responsible when using this service.

Ace Water Technology are the only company in the whole of Australia to provide this service and we are ready to meet with any water sourcing requirement you may have. For more information you can contact our hotline number on 1-800665321 or you can email us at info@acedrilling.com.au or visit our website at www.acedrilling.com.au